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One contractor - key to high efficiency

TECHNOTECS is a multidisciplinary engineering company that has experience and qualification in execution of projects under EPC contracts. Company provides full range of works in the field of production and process engineering: from feasibility study to putting the facility into operation.


engineering, procurement, construction/ инжиниринг, поставки, строительство

  • E

    Engineering and design

    Organizational engineering: project administration, risk management, audit, monitoring, comprehensive project management

    Design, basic and detail design engineering: detail design engineering, expertise, preparation and conducting tender and bidding procedures, technical supervision

    Production engineering: preparatory works, organization and performance of construction and installation works, acceptance of equipment

    Testing and start-up engineering: warranty testing, installation supervision, commissioning activities


  • P


    Timely provision of construction with necessary equipment and materials

    Technical supervision of equipment manufacturing

    Incoming inspection of materials and equipment at site

    Construction procurement management using 1C:ERP automated accounting platform

    Procurement of materials, technical resources and equipment in compliance with the current company’s standards and project requirements

    Cutting-edge approaches in logistics

    In-house production allowing to manufacture main and auxiliary equipment on turnkey basis


  • C


    Full range of construction, installation and commissioning works in compliance with all HSE standards

    Multi-stage construction supervision over the entire cycle of works

    Preparation and submission of as-built documentation

    Availability of permits and rich references


Project management

Organization of Design Office for each project allows to ensure one-contact principle and proper interaction with the Client at all stages of cooperation


  • Preparation of comprehensive project execution schedule taking into account documentation development, supply of equipment & materials, and construction stages
  • Risk forecasting and risk management
  • Unified document control, digital communication
  • Budget control
  • Preparation of best industry practice databases

We provide our Clients with high level of responsibility, guarantees and convenient operation on the basis of one-contact principle

Projects of any scale and complexity

Projects of any scale and complexity

Efficient work of specialists and advanced level of business processes organization in accordance with international standards allow TECHNOTECS to implement projects of any scale and complexity in a timely and high-quality manner.

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