TECHNOTECS offers comprehensive solutions in the field of equipment manufacturing for onshore development of oil and gas fields, for heating equipment and for wastewater treatment systems at large industrial enterprises.

We have gained significant experience in import substitution and implementation of pressure-swing adsorption technologies. Use of proven proprietary innovative technical solutions and constant improvement of process technologies allows the company to be one of the leaders in equipment manufacturing and engineering of complex process technologies in oil and gas industry for 25 years.

Systems and equipment manufactured by TECHNOTECS comply with Russian and international standards and show high reliability and efficiency.

At the moment import substitution of components has become one of the main priorities of our company. We are building high-tech production facilities by creating modern sites for development and manufacturing of innovative products in the field of wastewater treatment at industrial enterprises, flares, furnaces and heat exchange equipment.

Over the years TECHNOTECS implemented over 1,000 projects of different complexity for Russian and international clients.

Our awards - “Russian National Olympus”, “Excellent results in the works on development of petrochemical industry”, Laureate of All-Russian competition “Top 10 IT projects for oil and gas industry”


We stand out with:


Prioritized quality

High level of equipment and services is ensured by: integrated quality management system GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015), GOST R ISO 14001-2016 (ISO 14001:2015), GOST R ISO 45001-2020 (ISO 45001:2018 ) and STO Gazprom 9001-2018, our own accredited and certified quality control laboratory, monitoring of all stages of manufacturing processes from purchase of materials and components to constant quality control of production, processing and assembly of equipment.

Efficiency of decision making

We understand that time is the most valuable resource, therefore we are ready to integrate into Client’s project as quickly as possible, study available references and technologies, and develop our own solutions.

Professional team

We carefully select our employees, constantly improve qualification of our specialists, work on continuous improvements in various areas, sharpen profound and serious business approach, create the most pleasant working conditions, thus result-oriented industry professionals work in TECHNOTECS.



How we can be useful to you:

  • development of process solutions;
  • development of vendor documentation;
  • development of operational documentation;
  • management of equipment manufacturing cycle from development of solutions to putting into operation;
  • purchase of materials and components;
  • technical control;
  • step-by-step operational inspection of equipment by qualified
    personnel capable of equipment acceptance;
  • production;
  • shipment and logistics of equipment;
  • installation supervision and commissioning;
  • entire range of works on construction of facilities in EPC format.
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Ivanov Maxim Evgenievich
Ivanov Maxim Evgenievich General Director

Basis of company’s success

is competent and ambitious people with high motivation for success. Today management team is more important than any technology, and level of efficiency of its work, oddly enough, is not always determined by the degree of professionalism and experience of individual people. Here it’s more about the unity of goals, flexibility, balance of interests, common desire to constantly grow and develop. The theory of controlled chaos or “nonlinear dynamics,” in my opinion, fully reflects the essence of our team’s success.

At the same time, it cannot be said that we, as a team, live in risk and for the sake of risk, we simply evaluate opportunities every day, build up strength and set new goals. We can't wait a year, two, five. Everything is decided here and now. Life is all about managing risks, not eliminating risks.


  • 1. Client focus, Client focus and once again...

    Perhaps at the present stage of company’s life cycle we are not yet ready to create breakthrough products, but uncompromising approach to the quality of manufactured equipment, introduction of all modern digital tools in design and tracking the stages of product creation allows us to earn the respect and trust of the Client.

  • 2. No fear of new challenges

    I am absolutely sure that if at least someone in this world has solved a specific problem, then we will be stubborn, but we will find a way and resources to solve it again. And the greater is the task, the greater will be the motivation of our team to develop solutions and implement plans.

Why choose us?

We always face the Client. The speed of response to signals and view of the problem from perspective of further operation, forms a partner and not a contractor in the eyes of the Client.

Quality and compliance with technical specifications.

Our own constantly growing modern production allows us to increase the degree of contribution to the product every day and influence the quality at all stages of production cycle.

Ability to perform non-standard tasks. It is obvious that if we are not able to change faster than the environment is changing, then we have no right to fall behind.

Our reliability as a partner: we were, we are and we will be. This also applies to the chain of suppliers of components for our products. Trying to be the most reliable suppliers of products and technologies, through partnerships, inspection activities and audits, we provide the Client with an end-to-end chain of reliability.

Timely delivery. In the present and future.

Company's Values

We are Client-oriented

Client and his requests come first!

We build our work as clearly as possible, we are constantly looking for fresh ideas, we always respond to Client’s requests and make every effort to create comfortable communication.

We work for results

Our task is to achieve the goal in the most effective way.

To do this, we use all the necessary resources, optimize internal processes, introduce new technologies and update our equipment.

We provide comfortable space for work and development

People are our pride, strength and main value.

We employ professionals, masters of their craft, for whom we try to create all the necessary conditions. Our employees are constantly developing in their professional field and enjoy their work.


We are responsible for interaction with the Client

Our company has many completed projects.

Effective work, well-established processes, high professionalism, client focus and excellent results – due to versatility and responsibility TECHNOTECS expands its portfolio of projects, strengthens partnerships with existing Clients and acquires new ones.

Production Capacities

  • 23 500м2 production area
  • 500 employees

TECHNOTECS has two production sites located in Ufa and in Oktyabrsky. They are equipped with powerful technological base with metal-cutting, welding, thermal, painting, lifting and other types of equipment.

Modern equipment in the preparatory, machining, assembly & welding, painting areas and electrical cabinet assembly area allows to produce a wide range of high-quality products efficiently and on time. We have established our own production of control cabinets and electrical cabinets.

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