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Track heater

Track heater

The heater with an intermediate coolant is designed for heating oil and oil emulsions at transportation through pipelines in oil fields and installations.

The range of heaters includes:
– single-flow track heater -1.6; track heater -1.6Zh;
– single-flow with combined fuel track heater-1.6K;
– single-flow high thermal power track heater-4;
– double-flow high-thermal power track heater-4D.

Design and operation of the PP-1.6/PP-4 track heater and its components

The heater is a cylindrical horizontal container with flat bottoms, in the inner cavity of which two shaped-type fireboxes and two 4-inlet tubular coils are installed in the lower part; the PP4D model has four 4-inlet coils, providing reduced hydraulic resistance. The container is filled with coolant liquid through the expansion tank.

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