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Heater with intermediate coolant

Heater with intermediate coolant

The heater with an intermediate coolant is designed for heating oil emulsions in oil collection and transportation systems, as well as natural or associated gas, industrial waste water in gas distribution installations of a gas lift oil production system.

The range of heaters includes:
– single-flow on one type of fuel PPT-0.2G; PPT-0.2Zh;
– single-flow gas fueled with non-volatile burner PPT-0.2Gen


Design and operation of oil heaters with intermediate coolant of the PPT-0.2 series and components

The heater is made in the form of a cylindrical container on a frame, in the lower part of which there is a combustion device with a gas or liquid fuel burner, in the upper part there is a tubular product coil and a fuel heating coil. The internal volume of the container is filled with a liquid coolant (water, antifreeze), which transfers heat from the firebox to the coil. The container is equipped with a coolant expansion tank and a breathing valve.

Four-section food coil made of steel pipes. Each section is a two-way flat spiral made of steel pipe with a diameter of 76 and a wall thickness of 5 mm.

The base frame in the form of a welded structure made of rolled profiles is intended for installation on it of a tank, a control cabinet, a fuel preparation cabinet, and a heat-insulating casing. The heat-insulating casing is assembled from panels.

The heater automation system provides: remote ignition of the burner with preliminary ventilation of the firebox by natural draft through the chimney, regulation of the heating process of the product, activation of operating and alarm alarms, automatic protection of the heater in case of deviation of the controlled parameters, heating of the local automation cabinet at negative outside temperatures.

The automation system ensures the transmission of information to the upper level about an emergency shutdown of the heater with an explanation of the reason for the shutdown via a wired communication channel over a distance of up to 1000 m.

The fuel enters the fuel coil located in the tank, is heated to a predetermined temperature and supplied to the fuel preparation unit. After cleaning and reduction in the block, the fuel is supplied to the burner. Combustion products are removed through the chimney by natural draft.

Automation system PPT-0.2G/Zh
The automation system is designed for automatic control, monitoring, regulation of technological processes as part of a track oil heater (remote ignition of burner devices, regulation of the oil heating process, activation of operating and emergency alarms, automatic protection of the heater in case of deviation of the controlled parameters). The system is not intended for operation in explosive areas and areas containing aggressive substances in the air.

The automation system provides:

  • Local visual control of the main parameters of the technological process.
  • Automatic regulation of fuel gas pressure supplied to burner devices and product heating temperature.
  • Automatic ignition of pilot and main burners with preliminary ventilation of the combustion space using natural draft.
  • Automatic stop and blocking of the heater start-up program with sound and light signaling in case of deviation from the set values of the main technological parameters:
    – decrease in fuel gas pressure after the control valve is less than permissible;
    – increasing the fuel gas pressure after the control valve more than permissible;
    – increasing the pressure of the heated product at the inlet to the heater by more than 6.3 MPa;
    – reduction in the level of intermediate coolant;
    – increasing the temperature of the intermediate coolant in the heater by more than 95°C;
    – the flame of the main burners goes out during normal operation of the heater;
    – failure of the pilot burner flame during ignition;
    – malfunction of the flame control channel;
    – power outage.

  • Working notification alarm according to the following parameters:
    – availability of supply voltage;
    – completing the ignition program;
    – the presence of pilot and main burner flames;
    – operation of the PUI curtain.

The automation system ensures the transmission of information to the highest level about the emergency shutdown of the heater with an explanation of the reason for the shutdown.

The system has two designs:
– cabinet (version Ш) – secondary units are placed in an insulated, heated cabinet, the cabinet is placed outdoors in close proximity to the heater (in a non-explosive area);
– wall-mounted – secondary units must be placed in a closed, heated, non-explosive room with ambient temperature +5...+35°С.


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