KOS-B Modular Domestic Water Treatment Packages

KOS-B Modular Domestic Water Treatment Packages

Modular Domestic Water Treatment Packages are designed for full biological treatment of domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater similar in composition. Technology process for domestic wastewater treatment, implemented in these units, ensures treatment of domestic wastewater to meet the requirements of standards for discharge of treated wastewater into water bodies of the highest degree of fisheries sensitivity.

KOS-B is a fully prefabricated packaged modular structure. Modular containers docked together form an insulated building in which all the necessary structures and equipment are installed. Such design provides conditions of sufficient heat insulation and easy operation of treatment facilities in cold climate conditions. Packaged modules can be placed both on concrete and pile foundations. Packaged modules (buildings) are insulated with sandwich panels and equipped with utility systems: heating, supply and exhaust ventilation, electric lighting and internal grounding loop. Additionally, supply package can include the following equipment: security and fire alarms, access monitoring and control systems, telecommunication systems, heating cables for connection to external utilities.

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