Closed flare systems

Closed flare systems

Closed flare systems manufactured by TECHNOTECS are special flare systems used at facilities where the absence of visible flame, smoke, and thermal radiation is required.

The use of closed flare systems allows significantly reducing operating expenses, since in most cases neither steam supply nor additional air supply is required for smokeless operation of the flare, and maintenance of the flare unit may be performed without stopping it.

The highest level of safety is achieved in closed flare systems due to the combination of advanced design methods and modern manufacture technologies.

The automation systems of closed flare systems use the latest technical solutions and developments: automatic interlocking schemes, ultraviolet flame scanners, fault-tolerant start and stop systems, light alarm, as well as pilot burners with remote spark generators and UV scanners.

Closed-type flare systems are widely used in oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, oil and gas production facilities, as well as industrial enterprises and facilities located, as a rule, in densely populated areas.

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