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Modular Heater (Tubular)

Modular Heater with intermediate heat transfer agent is designed for heating oil, gas, produced water and their mixtures in the system of collection, transportation and treatment of well products.

Heater models:

  • double-flow on one type of fuel;
  • double-flow on two types of fuel (combined).

Heater with intermediate heat transfer agent, coil of compacted layout and furnace with developed heating surface provides highly economical “soft” heating of products of different compositions. At the same time fluctuations of product flow rates and gas phase value do not affect the reliability of unit operation.

At equal thermal power modular heater favorably differs from line heater PP-1.6 and heaters of other Russian and international manufacturers due to its economical efficiency, as well as smaller size and weight. These advantages provide for reduction of expenses for installation and operation of Modular Heaters.

Standard Scope

  • heating unit;
  • fuel treatment unit;
  • ventilation unit;
  • automation system.

Automation system of wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted type (specified in the purchase order) provides:

  • Local visual control of the main process parameters
  • Automatic regulation of fuel gas pressure supplied to burners and product heating temperature, gas and air flow rate ratios in low and high combustion modes 
  • Automatic ignition of pilot and main burners with preliminary ventilation of furnace space by natural draft
  • Automatic shutdown and locking of heater start-up program with sound and light alarm in case of deviation from the set values of main process parameters:
    – decrease of fuel gas pressure downstream control valve lower than permissible value;
    – increase of fuel gas pressure downstream control valve higher than permissible value;
    – increase of heated product pressure at heater inlet over 6.3 MPa;
    – decrease of  intermediate heat transfer agent level;
    – increase of intermediate heat transfer agent temperature in the heater over 95°C;
    – flame-out of main burners during heater normal operation;
    – flame-out of pilot burner during ignition;
    – malfunction of flame control channel;
    – power outage.
  • Operating warning alarm according to the following parameters:
    – presence of supply voltage;
    – completing the ignition program;
    – presence of pilot and main burner flames;
    – operation of control and display panel curtain.


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