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Line Heater

Line Heater

Heater with intermediate heat-transfer agent is designed for heating oil and oil emulsions during transportation via pipelines in oil fields and units.

Heater models:

– single-flow line heater PP-1.6; line heater PP-1.6Zh;
– single-flow line heater with combined fuel PP-1.6K;
– single-flow line heater with increased thermal power PP-4;
– double-flow line heater with increased thermal power PP-4D.

Design and operation of line heater PP-1.6 / PP-4 and its components

Heater is a cylindrical horizontal vessel with flat bottoms. Heater inner cavity has two U-shaped furnaces and two 4-way tubular coils installed in the lower part. Model PP-4D has four 4-way coils providing reduced hydraulic resistance.

The tank is filled with liquid heat transfer agent through an expansion tank.

Furnaces are equipped with burners:

  • gas in models PP-­1.6; PP­-4; PP-­4D;
  • liquid-fuel in model PP-­1.6Zh,
  • combined in model PP-1.6K.

Assemblies of fuel preparation and fuel supply to burners, heat transfer agent level indicator, ladder, service platform are installed outside the vessel.

Heater is placed on the welded frame.

Product is supplied to coils, where it is heated by heat transfer agent up to 70°С. Heat transfer agent temperature is maintained by automation at +95°C by means of regulating the power of burners.

Automation system of heater PP-1.6 / 4 provides:

  • regulation of fuel pressure upstream the burners;
  • ignition of burners;
  • maintaining product temperature due to automatic change of burners mode from high to low combustion and vice versa
  • automatic shutdown of fuel supply to the burners with explanation and memorization of the root cause in case of:
  • increased pressure of gaseous fuel upstream the burners;
  • decrease of fuel pressure upstream the burners;
  • burners flame-out;
  • increase of heat transfer agent temperature;
  • pressure increase in product coil.

Automatic control system is placed in a heated room and connected to the heater by 150-200 m wire line.

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